Traffic Warning Signs / Road Signs

Road signs activity has served as the back bone of the company for over a decade. We’re responsible for fabricating, supplying, installing, maintaining, and approving road signs and markings within the area of any local authority.

It’s an offence to place an unauthorized sign on a road, as it can be dangerous for pedestrians and drivers. Therefore, we produce of good quality workmanship and products, designed with details signage giving complete dimensional details to imperative for Jabatan Kerja Raya (JKR) to continuously update and improve the standard specification.

The respective functions are to tell us the laws that must be obeyed; draw the driver’s attention on the road ahead; how to get to a place/destination along the most appropriate route. Road signs can be fall into the following category:

  • Regulatory sign
  • Warning sign
  • Directions sign
  • Information sign

All road signs must be authorized by Jabatan Kerja Raya (JKR) in accordance with Government regulations.

Road signs communicate mainly through colours and shapes, which helps make the task of identifying them much easier and faster.


Stop Road signs

perjaspon crossing sign

JKF Road Warning Signs

Temporary Safety signs

Directional Sign

Directional Sign

Directional Sign


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